8 Weeks Out!

So the handy countdown calendar on the Training Peaks app tells me it’s 8 weeks until the Lean Horse 50k! That’s both terrifying and a relief. Of course I’m concerned about putting the pieces together (long runs, tempo efforts, hills, heat!). On the other hand, it’s calming to recognize that the training grind can only go on for so much longer.

After building a fairly solid base of 50 mile weeks, I’ve worked to flip the switch a bit here in June. That’s meant hitting a 70 mile week, followed by a 50 mile recovery week, and then back up to 60 miles this week. Depending on my schedule and making sure to put my family first, my hope is to roll up on 70 miles again this week and top 250 for the month.

My current “plan” is to essentially run as transportation and lift weights on Mondays/Fridays. Tuesday’s menu is hills, Thursday is for tempo, and I swear I’m gonna get up at 4:30 one of these Wednesdays to go long.

Which leaves the weekend! Saturday are for long runs, longest at 18.6 so far, and Sunday is a longer recovery (11+ today). We’ve also been hitting up the Mickelson Trail for a family jaunt with me pushing the double stroller on my second run Sunday.

This will be my first fully runnable 50k, which leave me a bit uncertain in terms of planning. The rough outline is the do marathon training plus just a little bit more (e.g. 25 mile long run, anyone?). I also have a little wisdom from having the wheels come off a bit at Run Crazy Horse last year, which probably cost me 3-5 minutes. Consequently I’ve been more diligent about the tempos and even added in leg extensions/(gulp!) box jumps at the gym.

As much as I complain about training, the joy of running is about 90% process for me. Hopefully anyone reading this is grinding through 5 am alarms, doubles, chafing, and gratuitous carbs with as big a -slightly resigned – grin as I’ve been 😬.

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