The first weekend in March has ushered in slightly warmer temperatures. It’s been a long winter, and I’ve forgone writing repetitive posts about winter running. It’s cold. I run. It’s snowing. I run. While I’ve stayed engaged in the work, there just isn’t much to say about it.

But Spring? Spring brings the promise of fun. The last few months have involved mostly running because I “have to” in order to maintain fitness and be ready for just this moment. March brings decisions about races, the hopes of increased mileage, and maybe even shorts.

To get things started, I ran what turned into an inadvertent, ill-advised half marathon time trial. Wind and ice slowed things down a bit. And a GPS error made gave me a few extra yards. But I managed a respectable (for me) 1:30.XX which has me feeling encouraged about the next few months.

So here’s to spring: more sun, more miles, and maybe a few more blog posts.

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