The Day Before, Again

Over the last couple of months I’ve been too busy with running and the rest of life to sit down and write about it. This cycle started with supporting Kate as she completed her first ultra, the Lean Horse 50k. The thrill of chasing a loved one around a trail race is worth its own post – watching her finish was just as satisfying as crossing the line at my own first 50k in 2014.

Since then I’ve done a quick and reasonably intense ramp up to the Run Crazy Horse marathon. Here’s a look at my peak training weeks:

Week 1: 48 miles   3484 ft climbing  15.1 mile long run

Week 2: 54.4 miles  3398 ft climbing 17.2 mile long run

Week 3: 57.6 miles 2989 ft climbing 20.2 mile long run

Week 4: 65.7 miles 3661 ft climbing 21.3 mile long run

Week 5: 55.7 miles 4925 ft climbing 20.6 mile long run

Week 6: 50.5 miles 2270 ft climbing 17.3 mile long run (13.1 mi in 1:29:08 as MP effort)

Week 7: 40.4 miles 2398 ft climbing 12.2 mile “long” run

Week 8: Taper

Overall my training felt solid. I did one track workout every week and a few extra up-tempo efforts. My total mileage was probably about 5 miles per week lower than I’d hoped, but running isn’t my first priority.

So today I’m a bit jittery and excited, probably because for the first time in months I’m taking a Saturday morning off! The plan tomorrow is to watch my heart rate, start out a bit conservative, and then shoot for a strong finish over the last 10 slightly downhill miles. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, and I’ll arrive in Hill City at around 11 am. We’ll see how it goes!

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