Speedwork and Ultrarunning

I’m a sucker for Strava challenges and the possibility of free shoes. So 11 days out from the BH 50k with about 9 minutes of up tempo running in the books over the last 6 months, I headed to the track to log #mymile. Sounds like a great idea, right? After a little warm up, the high schoolers started filtering in for what appears to be a crossfit workout, making an audience for my roughly 6 minutes of chagrin. Despite such limited speedwork, my legs felt solid as I rounded the track, Garmin consistently showing 5:30 pace. Of course, the wheels came off a bit towards the end as the now unfamiliar lactic acid burning built up. Over the last 100 meters I had my first ultra-worthy thought: “just a little bit more.” And I remembered why running outside my comfort zone, even for 5:38, can be so valuable in ultratraining.

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